Our Counselor

Debra Ciarlo is a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  She has been counseling at Open Arms Christian Counseling, Inc., since 1991.  She has also been a part-time Speech Pathologist in this office from 1976 - 2017.  She received a Master's Degree in Education - Specializing in Counseling from Heritage College, WA, in 1999.  She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Colorado State University. Debra has also received 2 years of individual training from Linda Pender, Passport to Freedom Ministries, Kirkland, WA.  Other training that she has received includes Elijah House Basic and Advanced Christian Counseling Schools, Spokane, WA; counseling courses from Liberty University, VA; Desert Streams and Leanne Payne Ministries training; training received at the American Christian Counseling Association World Seminars, the International Play Therapy Conference, CO; and various seminars on PTSD and DID, childhood injuries, the Father Heart of God, etc.


Debra is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  She is also an experienced speaker for Christian conferences/retreats.She also is a Prayer Minister at Restoration of the Heart Ministry, Inc., a non-profit ministry housed in the same location.  If you would like information on her involvement with Restoration of the Heart, please see the website restorationoftheheart.org.

Her counseling orientation is pastoral in nature and based on Biblical principles, morals, and family values.  Various counseling techniques are used along with scripture and prayer, depending on the client's need.  Confidentiality is of the utmost concern and is strictly maintained.
Our Office Staff

Our office manager is Eileen Dronen.  She assists with personal and insurance billing.  She has been part of Open Arms Christian Counseling since 1997.  Eileen is also a Prayer Minister at Restoration of the Heart.  To see her involvement in that ministry, please see restorationoftheheart.org.